about me!

profile picture of amity from the owl house with heart sunglasses, while wearing a necklace of Captain Viridian from VVVVVV and holding a Garfield pez dispenser. she is in front of a pink scenecore background, and there are 3 pink pixel fire gifs next to her

she/her/they, 20, game and movie enjoyer, always learning more about both mediums.

co-lead/admin for the Flashpoint Archive

co-ceo of Mothership Records

some of my favorite games!

  • the legend of zelda: breath of the wild
  • spyro 2: riptos rage
  • vvvvvv
  • fantasy life
  • jak and daxter: the precursor legacy
  • beat saber
  • some of my favorite movies!

  • house (1977)
  • the dark crystal
  • the rocky horror picture show
  • barb and star go to vista del mar
  • the muppet movie (1979)
  • akira (1988)
  • some of my favorite tv series!

  • kill la kill
  • the owl house
  • bojack horseman
  • venture bros.
  • atlanta
  • nirvanna the band the show
  • gravity falls
  • some of my favorite artists!

  • the armed (saw them live in october '23!)
  • tally hall
  • my chemical romance
  • the wrecks
  • i dont know how but they found me
  • king gizzard & the lizard wizard
  • the beatles
  • my socials!

  • wet dry world! (mastodon!)
  • letterboxd!
  • backloggd!
  • twitter!
  • myanimelist!
  • gardenofraven on discord

    video games are forever

    ~friends of the field~