my profile picture portfolio!

i love making profile pictures, so here is a collection of all the ones i have made.

including the ones i have made for my friends!

Makaino Ririmu with pixel sunglasses holding a cigarette, with a scenecore background behind her and the text 'EXPLOSION.GIF' behind her. the text has an explosion gif in front of it.

the original one that started it all, on May 12, 2022, my friend sent me this image with the message "raven this is kinda u coded" (which i eventually found the source to be this fan art of Makaino Ririmu (who i do not watch) by twitter user @yuzutouhu_ika. from that day on, this image became a major identity for me. i eventually edited it into the gif above. and it was one of the first gifs i was happy with and first ones i used post-Chomp The Turtle pfping.

Makaino Ririmu with red pixel sunglasses holding a cigarette, with a christmas background behind her. she is wearing a santa hat, that has a 'Happy Holidays' gif on it and there is a dancing santa gif next to her as well. the text 'DECEMBER.GIF' is on the left side of the image.

holiday variation of the Makaino Ririmu pfp that i used for December 2022.

Amity Blight with heart sunglasses, holding a garfield pez and wearing a Captain Viridian necklace (who is also wearing heart sunglasses). behind her is a pink and black checkered background and to the left is 3 pixel fire gifs.

my amity blight gif! as of writing this (january 2023) this is the primary gif i use as a profile picture. ever since i watched the owl house i have loved amity as a character, and her pink hair just further cemented her as my favorite character. #lumity forever, and i love this pfp

Rebecca from Cyberpunk Edgerunners on the FT. FRANK TURNER - The Armed cover art with 3 Rei Ayanami gifs around her.

shortly after watching cyberpunk: edgerunners, i decided to make this. it is rebecca on the FT. FRANK TURNER - The Armed single art. also with the 3 gifs, its 3 things i love. edgerunners, evangelion, the armed. also the trans sunglasses! those were hard to make transparent.

alright its time to get into the pfps i have made for others!

Brett from Inside Job is on the left. he is wearing cat sunglasses and wearing a 'KITTEN' choker. he also has cat ears. Reagan from Inside Job is on the right, she is wearing Dave Strider from Homestuck sunglasses. there is a worm on her head, it is wearing the same kind of sunglasses. she is wearing a choker that says 'SLUT'. they are both in front of a big vortex gif, it is normal for Brett and flipped vertically for Reagan. there are explosion gifs next to them. next to Brett is 'MEOW.PNG' text, and next to Reagan is 'MROW.PNG'

here are two Inside Job gifs i made for a couple, they really enjoyed them.

Rose from Homestuck wearing a stack of Team Fortress 2 hats. Behind Rose is a giant, transparent Rose doing the Club Penguin dance. above them is the text 'HOMESTUCK.MP4'. the background is a bright scenecore rainbow design.

here is a rose from homestuck one i made! i manually removed the background from the rose dancing gif, here it is:

feel free to use! no credit needed. unlike the rest of these but i will get to that later.

cat smoking a pixel blunt, while wearing pixel sunglasses. with moving text 'ROBBIE!' above. to the cats left is the Half-Life Lambda logo as a gif. to the cat's right is a 'Cool Links' website button. the background is a scenecore checkerboarded rainbow.

uni the cat being awesome, not much to say. half life is pretty cool.

john from Homestuck in front of a pastel blue background. there are sparkle gifs behind him. two explosion gifs are to his left and right. the 'THIS IS STUPID' text from various Homestuck pages is present above him, but also behind him layer-wise.

another Homestuck one, can you tell that my friends love Homestuck?

Donatello from Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in front of a trans flag, with hatsune miku and a cat dancing, with two other cat gifs. the word 'AUTISM' is in pink and in flaming text, going down the left side of the pfp

Donatello from Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is now transmasc, also he is besties with Hatsune Miku. woohoo!

friends old pfp but with 2 explosion gifs and wearing Dave Strider from Homestuck sunglasses. the text 'ROSE #SWAG' is at the top in pink, flaming text. a gif of a man playing the guitar is on the right. the background is the cover art of Marc With A C's Thanatophobia.

marc with a c's thanatophobia now has a new sherriff in town. that sherriff is rose. woohoo! anyway ACAB.

about 90 gifs on top of the cover art of Kairiki Bear's Darling Syndrome. i am not listing all the gifs, sorry.

about 90 gifs from the internet archive's geocities gif archive and a few extra ones (like my site button). probably the gif i am most proud of. so much effort and time went into this, i even contacted the developer of photopea for help! (photopea is what i have used to make all of these)

custom picrew of me, in front of the trans flag. above me is a 'gender is a program' gif, to my top right is a gif of two lesbians on a car with the caption 'love is in the air!' to my right is yoshi from tetris attack, in the bottom right is a gif from some random hentai geocities page (not nsfw though)

friend sent a picrew to a gc and made the base drawing, and then i raven'd it

Can I use any of these gifs/Can you make me a gif?

if you wanna use any of these gifs (that would be weird), please let me know! i have the project files for any one of these, so i can tune them however you want! If you want a wholy original one, thats cool! Get in contact with me (see my about page for info on how to reach me.) and let's make some magic happen. it is not free however, the payment is you gotta put my 88x31 button somewhere on ur own neocities if you have one. sorry, i didn't make the rules. wait i did!